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Go see Jake “The Snake” Smith at Baltimore Boxing . . . Got It?

High Gravity

High Gravity’s work for political campaigns featured on American Public Media’s Marketplace

High Gravity


5-cent Bottle & Can Exchange
Saturday April 19 2014
Patterson Park & Eastern Avenue in SE

High Gravity

Afro-Latin Percussion library produced with my teacher from the Berkleee School of Music, Ed Uribe and Wave Alchemy.

Volumes 1 & 2 available now from Wave Alchemy.

Here’s a preview:

High Gravity

Audio stories from Baltimore . . .

How is it possible that two preteen boys are on the edge of their seats at a Baltimore Symphony Orchestra concert?

Harmonic oasis in a noisy city: The Bach Concert Series

A visit with Jake-the-Snake at Baltimore Boxing & Fitness

High Gravity

Hip-Hop for Mid-Day WYPR 88.1 FM – NEW BUMPERS

“Power” originally by Swit Beats. Check out his Facebook profile.

Original mixes:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

High Gravity

Producer says “We need the music to be whimsical.”

Great! What does that mean?

High Gravity

Todd Googins on vocals and voice over. Four demos with vocals by Ross Hancock

Music written and produced by Jeff Trueman, High Gravity Sounds, for regional Toyota dealers.

Story-line: Rock ads written around themes I created as part of the project, “So Much To See” and “More Than An Inspiration”

The client asked me whether I would mind if she made changes to my work. I said, “It’s a work for hire; you paid for it so we can make it into anything you want.” Apparently some artists can’t get out of their own way. At the vocal recording session, Todd was super flexible and helped create some new melodies on the fly. Let’s go places indeed!

High Gravity

Directed by Patrick Morell, Golden Rabbit Films “High Train To Tibet” will released soon . . .

Music by Jeff Trueman, High Gravity Sounds

Emotional Cleansing SEQ 3 — 18.23.16 to 21.27.29 — v2 from High Gravity Sounds on Vimeo.

Emotional Cleansing SEQ 2 — 24.28.09 to 25.49.22 — v2 from High Gravity Sounds on Vimeo.

High Gravity

High Gravity Sounds scored the music for the documentary film Ageless

“Each day women receive messages from the media that they are not young enough, sexy enough or good enough. In the documentary Ageless, hear from women of all ages about the affects of these daily messages.”

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