Marking Time

PrintI’ve put together an audio postcard from the perspective of a middle-aged drummer. After years marking time, I realize I can’t keep time.

Time is the muse for this body of work – time as it functions in the groove of music and in life. The passage of time brings with it the opportunity to clean house and say what needs to be said. Each piece is an audio letter to someone personal or distant, painted with love, flirtation, disappointment, hate, regret, or reflection. The music sounds a bit like Peter Gabriel, mixed with reggae bass lines, combined with Mercury Rev and The Flaming Lips. Some spoken-word stuff too.

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“Power” originally by Swit Beats. Check out his Facebook profile.

Original mixes:

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High Train To Tibet – The Film

Directed by Patrick Morell, Golden Rabbit Films “High Train To Tibet” will released soon . . .

Music by Jeff Trueman, High Gravity Sounds

Emotional Cleansing SEQ 3 — 18.23.16 to 21.27.29 — v2 from High Gravity Sounds on Vimeo.

Emotional Cleansing SEQ 2 — 24.28.09 to 25.49.22 — v2 from High Gravity Sounds on Vimeo.

Big Bang Love – New EP “Dance Floor Lovers”

Big Bang Love – Nu Disco – New EP “Dance Floor Lovers” available now at CD Baby, ITunes, Amazon

Featuring the writing of Jeff Trueman and the tremendous vocal talents of Karla Chisholm and Todd Googins. Big Bang Love’s debut release features four original tracks that are lush and brilliant.  Uplifting and affirming.  Cross-cultural and inter-generational.

Special track NOT on the EP: “Ding Dong Merrily On High” for the Holidays
CD Baby, ITunes, and Amazon

Big Bang Love - Dance Floor Lovers

Is It Live, Or Is It A Sound-Alike?

Intellectual creativity must be nourished because it “foster[s] the growth of learning and culture[.]” (1) As a method of enriching the public welfare, Congress enacted the Copyright Act, (2) which allows the work of creative authors to be exploited commercially. (3) A broad spectrum of creative works can be exploited under the Act, including literature, dramatic, and audiovisual works once they are fixed in a tangible form of expression, (4) such as film, paper, or a computer disk. Continue reading Is It Live, Or Is It A Sound-Alike?

Youth Escort Policy
3-song EP
File under “Sonic Smart-Ass”

These tracks are SUPER compressed due to uploading restrictions. Hit me up if you want a free CD.

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— Samples used in the following tracks:

1. Scuttlebutt
From the Enron movie, Smartest Guys in the Room, Jeff Skilling: “We are the good guys”
From radio program in Baltimore (WYPR), Amy Goodman: “This is an outrageous lie”
From the film, The Last Cigarette: “That’s on the authority of a well-known”
My friend: “You know what I mean”
NPR reporter: “The big news”
Music from the Broadway Musical, The Music Man: “You’ve got trouble my friend”
From the film Toy Story, Buzz Lightyear: “Trouble?”
George W. Bush: “Dictator” and “Building and hiding”
Gwen Stafani: “Holla Back Girl”
Calvary trumpet from the Internet
Tim Russert: “Where is it?”
My friend: “I thought it was big”

2. They Are Lying
My friend: “Oh the tangled web we weave . . .”
George W. Bush:
“We are winning”
“War on terror”
“Saddam Hussein is a threat to America”
“I believe we will find the truth, and the truth is …”
“I got good evidence to believe that”
Bill Clinton: “I did not . . .” and “These allegations are false”
Richard Nixon: “I’m not a crook”
From WYPR, Baltimore, Amy Goodman: “Remember governments lie” and “Lies that take lives”
From NPR:
“Cover up”
“Talking points”
“Steps Washington had taken . . .”
“The White House told us”
“Because some lies matter more than others”
“The usual administration lies”
From the film, The Last Cigarette: “You’ll feel better” and various tobacco executives saying
“I believe nicotine is not addictive” (from Congressional hearing, 1994?)
George HW Bush: “Read my lips”
Colin Powell, speech to UN making the case for Iraqi WMDs:
“Just think”
“Every statement I make today is backed up by solid sources, this is evidence, not conjecture”
“This is true; this is all well documented”
Don Rumsfeld:
“I haven’t lied”
“I did not”
“We know where they are . . .”
“There are a lot of people who lie and get away with it”
Ronald Reagan: “United States has not swapped American weapons . . .”
Dick Cheney: “There is no doubt that Saddam Hussein now has WMD”
From the Enron movie, Smartest Guys in the Room:
“Should we invest all of our 401K in Enron stock, absolutely”
“We are on the side of angels”
“It’s gonna be a long time before we trust you again”
From George Bernard Shaw play, Man & Superman: “Liars everyone on of them . . . .”
Various samples from the Internet, especially:
“Misleading the public and the Congress”
“And you want us to believe”
“Complete non-sense”
“You said that under oath”
“Why did you lie”
“You said you knew where they were”
“Perception is the reality”

3. Stir Them Up!
Jack Van Impe – “Nineteen Hundred Seventy-Four is the year . . .”
The Ventures: “Wipeout”
My friend: “Yahoo!”
Beatles: “Why Don’t We Do It In The Road”
C.W. McCall: “Convoy”
Sound effects from the Internet: car horn, crashes, jack hammer

I believe under the fair use doctrine of American copyright law, I am able to use the copyrights of others without their permission in order to criticize and comment. The samples are factual and are used to express views that constitute a parody of American culture and government. The amount of each sample, compared to its whole, is small. I make no profit from thisd endeavor.